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Trigger Discipline
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Follow the light and  He will hear you.


What are you afraid of
when you close
your eyes?

Do you get tired
waiting on the world
to end?

Every Prophet
in Her House.

We dedicate time every week
to pray for those close to us,
as well as for those
who are out of our reach.
You too can extend a prayer
to someone dear to you.
And beg and plead and pray
for your salvation.

Prayer requests.

You can make a prayer request
for any of our group prayer sessions.
These can be made anonymously
if you so wish.
A new dawn
beckons on the horizon,
calling out a name
I had once forgotten.

In the beginning,
there was no pain.

But the walls crumbling around you
were built by your hands
and now there’s nothing left.

A cremated earth,
only ashes and death,
while sickness spreads
throughout the blood
of all the people I loved
who I will never see again.

Oh widow, mourn each dying breath.
Soon you’ll be clothed in the sun.